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ALPHA Office Escalations gives you the tools you need to manage the entire escalation process for your property. With AOE’s Dashboard and reports, you’ll immediately see the overall picture for the building "Year over Year", plus the details behind each tenant’s invoice and cover letter.

ALPHA Office Escalations (AOE) is the ONLY software product that incorporates BOMA-approved methodology, used by thousands of real estate professionals.

Key Features

AOE generates better information, which leads to better management, and tenants are charged what is agreed to in each lease.

Download Sample Reports

AOE offers an impressive package of reports for Owners, Senior Management, and Tenants. Click the buttons below to view/download a few of the available reports.

Management Reports Tenant Reports

Our Clients

AOE has been in use since 1998 and our loyal client base considers it the best solution on the market. AOE offers the most flexible lease set up, the best reporting package, and the best user support in the industry. Here's what a few of them have to say:

Charla Fletcher

"Expense pool capabilities are incredible""

Jennifer Jackson

"AOE not only simplifies escalations, it makes you virtually audit proof"

Karrie McCampbell

"The Alpha Office Escalation program has taken the guesswork out of trying to calculate gross-ups. We've made it part of our Lease process to input new tenants and renewals into AOE as they're signed, it saves a ton of time when preparing annual reconciliations."

Jennifer Hatchett

"We swear by the software - escalations are soeasy for us!"

Switch To AOE. IT Pays You Back ™

Better information allows you to maximize your revenue while minimizing billing errors and preserving excellent tenant relations.

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